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HVAC systems are energy conversion systems — electricity is converted to cooling or natural gas is converted to heat. Because it is important to understand from the outset the nature of energy demands placed on HVAC systems, that subject is discussed immediately below.

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HVAC Tips heating and air conditioning unit for your home.

How to make your home heating and air conditioning unit running smoothly and efficiently?

Perhaps you’ve done all of that, and are ready for more. In that case, you can install a humidifier for your whole house. The additional moisture in the winter will make you feel much warmer. In addition to installing the humidifier, you can purchase some ceiling fans. You can operate them in both the summer and winter months – just reverse the direction of the fan blades to handle cooler verses hotter air.

If it’s been some time since your heating or air conditioning unit has been inspected, then you should have them inspected by a qualified HVAC professional. Coils and baffles on your air conditioner may need cleaned, or refrigerant replaced. Your furnace may need cleaned, and critical parts may need repaired before they break down. Regular maintenance is key to keeping them operating at peak efficiency.

Your greatest ally as a homeowner may very well be the government to help give you unbiased information on the performance of appliances. In particular, an ENERGY STAR appliance has met government testing standards for your energy and cost efficiency. If you need further help, you can consult non-profit websites for detailed product listings.

If you are thinking of replacing your furnace, heats pump unit, or air conditioner, DON”T DO IT! Why not? Because method to installing (as well as servicing) these appliances must requires use of special tools or equipment, as well as know-how that the average layperson is not privy to. If you try to install the unit yourself, and don’t do it the right way, everything will have to be taken out and done all over — by a professional. You might also void your manufacturer warranty, so you will don’t take the chance.

The same thing goes for repairs: if your HVAC equipment – and of it – needs repairs, don’t make the mistake of poking around it yourself. You might damage your unit even further, void the warranty, and even injure yourself of your family. Find a good, reliable HVAC technician, give him all of your business, and you’ll surely rest easier at night.

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